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Content Creation

The Problems:

There are three main barriers Simply Affirm, LLC has identified that prevent people from becoming authors and writers. First, the writing process can be difficult for many individuals. The copious rules of grammar and punctuation are challenging. Secondly, expensive ghost writing and book coaching fees pose significant affordability issues for potential authors. Finally, an impersonal process disrupts the creative writing flow. These barriers should not prevent anyone from sharing their vision.

The Solutions:

In short, the writing process is made more accessible to a greater number of people in three main ways. First, Simply Affirm, LLC has a team of writers experienced in the areas of prose, creative writing, memoirs, and more. The company is also able to reach the Spanish speaking community through bilingual team members. Second, an affordable and flexible pricing structure allows clients to “pay as you go.” This means clients can order by chapters or sections. Finally, Simply Affirm, LLC has a highly personalized approach to the writing process. The goal is to support the aspiring author/writer while coaxing out the necessary information to create meaningful content. 

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Ordering is simple...

Build your company's credibility and retention with compelling blogs and SEO content. Simply Affirm understands that business owners are busy! Gain back valuable time by handing the task off to  professionals.

Eva has worked with chefs, doctors, lawyers, life coaches and more. Let's see how she can take your content to the next level. 

Josh and his tech company are repeat Simply Affirm clients. Listen as he explains how easy it is to order blog posts each week.

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Take the Next Step...

Creating an amazing book does not mean you have to be a perfect writer. Ghostwriting and editing will help you get your ideas into print form and ready for publication.

Not only are books an enduring legacy, they also increase credibility for your brand, image, or business. Invest in your future today.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." -Zig Ziglar

Alana P. is a wellness coach and yoga instructor. Over the course of a few zoom meetings, Eva gained an understanding of Alana's communication style. As many direct quotes were used as possible; the final product aligned perfectly with Alana's vision.

Book Coaching & Proofreading

Many of Eva's clients have a partially written manuscript or outline but get overwhelmed when it comes to tying ideas together cohesively and the ever-dauting task of the proofreading process. Eva's background in one-on-one counseling makes her the perfect person to draw out meaningful content.

A team of high-experienced writers means your manuscript, blog, or article will be well-researched, original, and comprehensive. We turn ideas into thought provoking content.


Creating your story is just the beginning. After you have proofread and edited your manuscript the fun truly begins. You will need finishing details such as formatting, cover pages, and table of contents. Allow Eva to help you fully realize your writing goals by publishing to platforms such as Amazon, where thousands of people purchase books each day. Call or e-mail to discuss whether an e-book or printed materials are right for your story.

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