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Eva Myrick, MSCP

Simply Affirm
Writing Services

Your Story Awaits

Write Your Legacy

An amazing 81% of Americans say they want to write a book some day; perhaps you are one of them. However, a small percentage actually do. Simply Affirm, LLC takes the intimidation out of content creation by transforming concepts and categories into comprehensive, well-researched, and well-edited pieces. The Simply Affirm team is experienced in the areas of: 


•       Poetry
•       Prose
•       Creative writing / fiction
•       Personal development 
•       Memoirs / biographies
•       Journals / articles 
•       Blogs
•       Children's books 
•       Self-publication
•       Graphic design 

Additionally, the team possesses the following essential core competencies: 

•       Publication

•       Research / citation knowledge

•       Editing / proofreading 
•       Effective collaboration skills 
•       Transcribing 
•       Project management
•       Budget management

Complete your Vision:


Do you need assistance getting your manuscript, poetry, or children's book into the hands of readers? Contact Eva for ebook and printed publication assistance.

Book Coaching

Have an idea and need help with conceptualization? Whether you have a partial or complete idea Eva can help you with the details.


Are you too busy to create your own content but need a blog or manuscript. Just give Eva your topic and deadline. She will create compelling work.

Client Experience

Book Coaching

Jim Russell is a 4th generation farmer. Eva helped Jim isolate and elaborate on the most significant experiences and accounts handed down to him as he grew up. Now, he has a story for his family that will stand the test of time. No more lost memories and forgotten history.

Image by Dieter Pelz
Communication Commandments

Work with a Published Author


In life, there are authors and there are readers. The decision to pen your own title puts you in an elite class of individuals as only a small percentage of the population undertakes the unique task of sharing their vision with others. 

Explore the depths of your memory and imagination to create an amazing literary work, whether that be an autobiography, children’s book, or thriller, trust that the spark within you will ignite those in other people.


I am an author, publication specialist, and international book coach who has helped dozens of clients from punctuation to publication. As an author of 7 personal titles and counting, I can say that there is an audience for the story you desire to tell. I have developed a comprehensive process to offer you the support you need. Set up your appointment today.

Interested in publishing a completed manuscript? Contact us for publication coaching. Platforms offered include: Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Lulu Express, and Ingram Spark. 

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

- Benjamin Franklin


Author Spotlight

Are you an aspiring author but not quite sure where to start? Are you looking for an amazing new book to read? You are in luck. Follow the story of Karen, author of the book, "The Little Vagina That Could (have sex without pain)." This book is an excellent reference for women's pelvic health issues. It's filled with beautiful illustrations and tons of resources. 

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